Take Me Higher


You’re start is love, and give us the choice
On who we become, and if I listen for your voice tonight,
And the quicker that we see we can make ourselves
Holy we’ll know we can do this on our…..

Is it deep in our souls really could take us home
To one place where we can find rest,
Don’t look left, don’t stray right,
Narrow is the gate that leads to life.


1955 Lincoln Capri Convertible

Look Up, art by Robert Fawcett


Reaching 100 feet high, the twirling flame was caught by filmmaker Chris Tangey on September 11th. The Australian writes:

In a show lasting some 40 minutes, Tangey says, the largest uprooted mulga trees and hurled them skywards, a “proper tornado”, while the most spectacular swallowed a bushfire, sending an arc of twisting orange up toward the heavens. “It was like a dance of giants, really,” Tangey says. “There was a red one, a black one, a white one and one made of fire.”